Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber
Type Cotton Flocklined, Dipped Flocklined and unlined
Sizes Small(7);  Medium(8); Large(9); Extra Large(10)
Color Green, blue, black
Design & Features     Hand specific, cured fingers,  diamand textured patterned palm surface
Straight cuff
Made from Acrylonitrile butadiene compound with proven durability against solvents, oil, fats and bleaching chemical agents. Higher durability and longer wear than natural rubber gloves.Does not contain latex protein
Standards Meets  EN420, EN388, EN374-2, EN374-3 
Application Used for machine repair, yard work, aquarium, chemical processing, laboratory and more


Product Benefits

Product Tags

  • Made of specially formulated Acrylonitrile Butadiene compound that provides outstanding protection against a wide range of chemicals including strong detergents, greases, oils, most solvents and acids and mechanical risks, also can maintain the high performance for the oily environment. Offers superior resistance to abrasion, cut, snag, puncture compared, oils, and fuels with natural rubber gloves
  • Higher durability and longer wear than natural rubber gloves. Premium nitrile material ensure work protective gloves durable and can be reused at work
  • Nitrile industrial gloves offer excellent elastics, greater softer & skin friendly, flexibility, specially designed ergonomically shape ensures greater comfort, reduce hand fatigue
  • The extended cuff (12.6 inch) for waterproof, provide effective barrier to protect wrists and forearms from detergent, oil or unclean water, particles splashes, abrasives , moisture andsome corrosive fluids dangerous chemicals
  • The non-slip particle palm and fingers of Nitrile chemical resistant gloves offer excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions and minimize the force required to grip dry, wet tools and materials. Relieving hand stress caused by the weak grip
  • Flocklined Nitrile safety work gloves offer added comfort and better absorption of perspiration. Nitrile reusable chemical resistant gloves are latex free, green and odorless, better solutions for people with sensitive skin
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Widely used in Chemicals industry, petrochemical, mechanical manufacturing,mining, agriculture, farm, gardening, construction, automotive industry, forestry, car washing, household cleaning and more

Caution in Use

•Don’t use directly on the fire or high temperature place
•After use, please remove the dirt on the surface of the glove and rinse it with clean water, and dry the lining in a cool place, avoiding fire or direct sunlight

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